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Gray Crossbody Sling Bag - FBG1827-GRY

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This  sling bag crossbody backpack is the perfect replacement for a traditional fanny pack. With the Adjustable strap, this sling bag fits all body types and can be worn over the shoulder across the chest or back. This sling bag features 3 front zipper compartments, 1 front pocket (no zipper)  1 inner zipper compartment & inner padding for added safety. The material makes this sling bag very durable with an added urban/sporty appeal. Earphone hole to keep your mobile inside safely and hear music hands free.

  • Crossbody Sling Bag Backpack
  • Ideal for outdoor sports (hiking, camping, climbing, running, cycling, etc) and travel so on.
  • 3 Font Zipper Compartments 
  • 1 Front Pocket
  • 1 Inner Zipper Compartment
  • Earphone Hole (earphone not included)
  • Inner Padding
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Size: 3.5" deep x 8.5" wide x 11.5" high
  • 60%  Nylon + 40% PVC
  • Imported